Top 100 Wedding Blogs: Grooms

Marta Block


We were thrilled to discover that in February BrideTide added us to their list of Top 100 Wedding Blogs! If you’re planning a wedding BrideTide is a great resource, not just because of this list but because of their networking site. You can browse and review hundreds of wedding blogs and search for just the information that you need. There are so many great sites in the BrideTide list that we wanted to share our favorites with you. We decided to cover them in categories. Today’s list: The Grooms!

Grooms’ Advice aka The Man Registry
Regular readers of our blog are no stranger to The Man Registry, a great source for wedding party gifts and practical advice. Headed up by recent groom Chris Easter (author of Be The Man: The Man Registry Guide for Grooms) this site specializes in helping grooms who actually want to be part of their wedding day!

Typical post: Expert Forum: Favorite Summer Groom Accessory

Kiss the Groom
OK, this one isn’t a groom’s site in any way, but it has “groom” in the title and it felt so sad to only have two blogs for grooms. Kiss the Groom is a love note from photographer Elizabeth Messina. It’s filled with gorgeous images, some of which are wedding related and some of which are not.

Typical post: Italian Daydream (a shot of boats in Venice)

What are your favorite groom related wedding sites or blogs? Tell us in the comments.

(P.S. That great photo is courtesy of Steven Brantstetter Photography)