Top 3 Things to Ask Your Wedding Performer

Marissa LatshawContributor

April showers bring…May proposals! While the winter holidays are still the #1 most popular time for marriage proposals, spring is not far behind. To that end, GigMasters filtered through all of the great wedding planning feedback we’ve gotten over the years and narrowed it down to the “Top 3 Things To Ask Your Wedding Performer” for engaged couples. There are lots of entertainment options for brides and grooms—and we 100% encourage the consideration of all of them! Here are a few simple rules to follow to ensure a great time is had by all.

    • Plan ahead and communicate: If possible, meet with your performer ahead of time. Even if you can't meet in person, do your homework, make joint lists and have at least one phone conversation to get on the same page. Always ask to speak to their most recent clients and/or clients whose circumstances are similar to yours (ie. same reception site, extra-large wedding parties, guest "performances," etc.)
    • Be clear…crystal clear: If there are dealbreakers such as a “do not play” list or a time limit you must stick to come toast time, put it in writing. You can --and should -- go as far as mapping out the flow of the evening. A rigid schedule may be hard to keep since there are many other factors, like food service, but a general flow with ballpark time-frames will help keep your event on track. The only kind of surprises you want—and your performer wants for you—are pleasant ones.
    • Ask the tough questions: Find out up front what the cost is going to be should you and your spouse decide to extend the playlist, even if (or especially if) you’re not planning on it. Also, find out if your band / DJ has experience dealing with insistent song requesters, technical difficulties, weather issues, etc. You should feel confident that they will deal gracefully with whatever comes their way. Examples they use to answer these questions make for great references. Don't be shy -- if they tell you about the wedding where the electricity went out for an hour, and they had to play acoustically, ask if you can speak to that couple!

    Celebritize: When in doubt, choose a first song that speaks to you as a couple. Check out these famous first dance titles, and tell us it wasn’t a love story in the making.

      • Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore - At Last (Etta James)
      • Courtney Cox & David Arquette - Maybe I'm Amazed (Paul McCartney)
      • Niki Taylor & Burney Lamar - Better Together (Jack Johnson)
      • Pink & Carey Hart - She's Always a Woman (Billy Joel)