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Top 5 Group Dance Songs

Marta Block


Line dances in general, and the Macarena, Chicken Dance, Electric Slide, and YMCA in specific all made our list of readers' Top Ten Lamest Wedding Songs for 2010. But, I still think group dances have a place at weddings. For men like my poor husband - a man with no rhythm and no idea what to do on the dance floor. A man who none-the-less wants to be a great sport. He wants to get up and join the fun. He wants to dance, and doesn't mind looking like an idiot, he just doesn't want to be the only one.  So for him, I offer the Top 5 Group Dances (that aren't line dances).

5. Thriller - Michael Jackson

4. Shout - The Isley Brothers (Have you seen Animal House? Then you know the dance.)

3. The Twist - Chubby Checker (Very old school, but everyone, and I mean everyone, can do a little bit of the Twist).

2. Vogue - Madonna (Just stand there and move your hands around your face, what could be easier?)

1. Single Ladies - Beyonce

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