Top 5 Sanity Saving Tips for Kids Parties

Marta Block


We've got some tips for hosting your child's next party without feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Let's take a look...

1. Go Someplace Else Some people see the rise of parties in locations like zoos, inflatable houses and other venues as a sign that kids parties are getting more expensive. I see it as a sign that parents are getting smarter. If you have the party out of your house you eliminate all sorts of hassles from cleaning the house before and after the party to hiding breakables and favorite toys to planning all the activities. Most party venues have activities built in and many also include food and a helper to watch the kids. See more tips on renting a venue here.

2. Hire Entertainment Whether it's music, magic, clowns, face painting or balloons, entertainment gives your party a theme and a focus, and can provide needed downtime. See more tips on hiring age appropriate entertainment here.

3. Pick the Right Time If you've got small kids, avoid nap time. If you have big kids, avoid lunch time. Serving a meal to a bunch of hyped up kids is no one's idea of fun. Pick a party time that isn't around a mealtime and save money and sanity. See more tips on party timing here.

4. Don't go it Alone Even if you are an experienced single parent, do not try to be the only adult at a party full of kids. What if someone needs medical attention? What if someone needs a stern talking to or help climbing a play structure? What if everything goes so well that you don't have anything to do and want someone to talk to? Ask a friend or two to stay and help.

5. Listen to Your Kid You may be stressing over planning the perfectly blog worth, matched event. Your child is not. Your child wants to have fun with his or her friends. He does not care if the cups match the plates. Talk to her and find out what she wants and put that first on your agenda.