Top 5 Songs for a Kentucky Derby Wedding

Marta BlockContributor

My Chicago-born husband always says that living with someone from Louisville is like living with a Canadian. If you happen to mention someone famous with a Louisville connection (Tom Cruise, Diane Sawyer, Muhammad Ali ... ) I'll pipe in with "Oh, you know they're from Louisville, don't you?" I got married in Chicago, but the father/daughter dance at my wedding was to My Old Kentucky Home. So it is with great pride that I give you this week's song list, in honor of the upcoming Derby (May 7, in case you don't have it marked on your calendar) Top 5 Songs for a Kentucky Derby Wedding.

5. The Gambler - Kenny Rogers

4. Blue Moon of Kentucky - Bill Munroe

3. Wild Horses- Rolling Stones

2. Kentucky Rain - Elvis

1. Kentucky Woman - Neil Diamond

I've been to several weddings of my fellow exiled-Kentuckians, and others, that feature bluegrass bands. You can start your search for a bluegrass band or other wedding entertainment here.

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