Top 5 Things Your Wedding Shouldn't Lack

Marta BlockContributor

One of the big wedding trends for 2013 is a return to keeping the wedding guests front and center when making wedding plans. That doesn't mean that you should bow to the wishes of others when planning your wedding, especially when it comes to biggies like who to invite, what to serve, and what entertainment to feature. But, you should aim to be a good host. Part of being a good host is knowing what's likely to annoy your guests.

Here are the five worst things for your wedding to lack. Remember, you don't have to bow to pressure, but you should be aware.

1. Lack of a Plan

Sure, it's great to be a chill couple not hung  up on details and not exhibiting any bridezilla or groomzilla tendencies. But, no one wants to be wandering aimlessly wondering when and if dinner is going to be served. You need a plan and you need someone to help you execute that plan and relay it to your guests. It can be a full-service wedding planner, a day-of-c0ordinator, or an organized friend.

2. Lack of Entertainment

Your friends and family love you, they want to spend the day with you. They don't want to spend the day sitting around wondering what to do (see above). If you have a long gap in between your wedding and reception (morning wedding, evening reception) make sure to give guests some suggestions about what to do. If the wait is simply for pictures in between the wedding and the reception, make sure to hire entertainment for your cocktail hour.

Also, your friends and family were there when you were growing up, going to college, meeting your future spouse. You don't need multiple speeches, toasts, and lengthy video montages. If you're worried about offending someone who might want to  say a few words, move some people to the more intimate rehearsal dinner. Talk to your entertainment about what a good amount of time to spend on things like toasts is.

3. Lack of Plus Ones/Lack of Kids

This is one of these places where you just might have to annoy someone. You are in charge of who to invite to your wedding and that includes kids and dates. But, you do owe it to your guests to be upfront and even handed in making those decisions. Be honest and remember, an invitation is not a summons. If your guests don't want to attend without a date or their kids, that's their right.

4. Lack of Food and Drink

If you can't afford to provide guests with a full meal, it's ok, but don't schedule your wedding for a meal time. If you have strong convictions against serving alcohol, that's also alright, your guests probably already know that about you. But, if the issue is money consider serving just wine or beer instead of resorting to a cash bar, or check out these great tips for saving money on drinks at your wedding. Remember, you're hosting a wedding, not a BYOB frat party.

5. Lack of You

You can't spend huge amounts of quality time with everyone at your wedding, but do make sure to say "hello" and "thank you for coming" to each guest. Also, make sure to send those thank you notes promptly. People want to know that you're glad they're there.

What's your pet peeve about other people's weddings? What are you worried about your wedding lacking? Share in the comments below.