Top 5 Ways to Get Grandma Involved at Kids' Birthday Parties

Rachel BaronContributor

Whether you call her grandma, nana, bubbe or something else near and dear, know this - grandma probably feels a bit out of sorts at your kid’s birthday party. She’ll stand in the back near the food (you know, and just pick) or maybe sit in a chair if the ol’ sciatica starts acting up.

 “I’ll just stay out of the way,”she thinks to herself.

But everyone cares about grandma! And she’s an important part of your life. So here are five great ways to make her feel wanted, included and most of all - loved.


We’ve all been to a certain big-box store where a nice elderly person greets you at the door. If your nana is able to stand - and if she can’t, let her sit down - have her be the first guest to arrive and officially welcome all of her grandchild’s friends. You can even make a lovely name tag for her that says “I’m the grandma.”

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Does grandma like to bake? What could be more special than having her play Betty Crocker? Give her the theme of your party, and decide together on the fillings and frosting. Once everyone proclaims it’s the best. cake. ever - announce your grandma made it herself. Insta-applause.

Grandma got the mad skills!
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Some grandma’s are totally with the times, uploading pics onto Instagram, taking selfies - but some, well, are still lamenting the loss of their Kodak disc camera from 1984. Don’t make her take photos like my mother does - with a disposable camera where she can’t see through the viewfinder. 

Have a friend of yours take a family photo or go the extra mile and hire a photographer.  After the party, be sure to have it nicely framed. She’ll appreciate the gesture.


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Who says grown-ups don’t like to play too? Whether it’s Pin the Tail on the Donkey, or taking a whack at a piñata, let grandma have a turn. She can hand out prizes to the winners, and even assist with favors when the party is over. Don’t be afraid to put grandma to work! Chances are she’ll love just being involved. When kibitzing with her Mah Jongg group, she can talk all about how she was a great help.


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Grandma’s had many years of practice blowing out birthday candles. When singing “Happy Birthday,”invite her to stand with the child and help with the candle blowing. If little Timmy or Tammie has a problem with it, say Grandma’s have a magical way of making wishes come true (Of course they do).

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Grandma already spends her time showing off family pictures and extolling how brilliant and gorgeous her grandchildren are. Birthday parties are the perfect place to show her how appreciated she is. And give her reason to keep bragging.