Top 5 Wedding Songs from TV Shows

Marta Block


The Emmy's were held Sunday night. A lot of wedding blogs naturally focus on the gorgeous dresses and how those dress trends will or won't be seen walking down the aisle this year. But at GigMasters we aren't that interested in dresses, so in honor of this weekend's Emmy broadcast we present the Top 5 TV themes that could also work as wedding songs. Of course, we also give you 5 TV themes that you probably shouldn't use at your wedding, no matter how good the show.

5 Best TV Theme Songs to Use as Wedding Songs

5. Thank You for Being a Friend  from the Golden Girls

4. Where Everybody Knows Your Name from Cheers

3. Without Us  from Family Ties

2. A Little Help from My Friends  from The Wonder Years

1. I'll Be There for You from Friends

5 Theme Songs You Should NOT Use as Wedding Songs

5. Those Were the Days from All in the Family

4. Facts of Life from The Facts of Life

3.  Bad Things from True Blood

2. Suicide is Painless from MASH

1. Woke Up This Morning from The Sopranos

Also, the theme from Bridezillas would probably not be a good idea!

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What's your favorite TV theme song?