Top 5 Wedding Songs Inspired by the NFL

Marta BlockContributor

It's opening day for the NFL. Some sites advise that this should be the end of wedding season, after all you don't want your wedding competing with attention for the big game. But, if you're still heavy in the wedding planning and looking for a little inspiration, try one of these wedding songs. Of course, we also provide 5 NFL inspired songs to avoid at your wedding.

Top 5 NFL Inspired Songs for Your Wedding

5. Start Me Up - Rolling Stones

4. We Will Rock You - Queen

3. Whoop There it Is - Tag Team

2. All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight - Hank Williams, Jr

1. I Don't Want to Play Football - Belle & Sebastian


5 NFL Inspired Songs to Avoid at Your Wedding

5. Jock-o-Rama - Dead Kennedys

4. Football - Iggy Pop

3. Drop Kick Me Jesus - Bobby Bare

2. Must Be the Money - Deion Sanders

1. Not as Much as Football - Mojo Nixon