Top 5 WORST Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Marta Block


We get it, everyone is on a budget, but there are good and bad ways to save money. Here are five of the WORST ways to save money on your wedding (and some better ideas).

5. The fake cake

Believe it or not, some blogs suggest asking your baker to create a cardboard fake cake for display, but secretly serving a sheet cake. Here's the thing, it doesn't cost any less to decorate a fake cake than it does a real one, unless you're using the same fake cake over and over again. In which case, you'll wind up with a dusty, bent, cardboard cake. What you're really doing is wasting money by paying for both a fake cake and a real cake. Instead, consider a small (but edible) display cake, and a larger undecorated sheet cake. Or, go a totally different route and skip the cake, serve pie or other sweets instead.

4. Over-working your friends

DIY is a great idea, but make sure you're not saving money at the expense of your friends. Just because your best friend wants to be a bridesmaid doesn't mean she wants to be an indentured servant. Instead, skip unnecessary items (really, no one needs the Jordan almonds wrapped in netting), and make reasonable plans for your DIY projects.

3. The cash bar

When you host a wedding, you're a host. You wouldn't ask someone at your house to pay for his own glass of wine, so why would you ask the same of your wedding guests? Instead of charging your guests for their drinks, simply serve less expensive drinks. There's nothing wrong with just having wine and beer, or creating a signature drink that you serve instead of a full bar.

2. Lying to your vendors

This is an urban myth that just won't die. Lying to your wedding vendors will not save you money, what it will do is piss off people who are trying to give you the best service possible. If the vendor finds out that you've lied, you may find yourself without a photographer, band, or even a venue. Instead of lying to your vendors, use sites like GigMasters to find reputable ones. If you don't understand why something seems to cost more than it would if it weren't a wedding, ask!

1. The iPod reception

Do we really need to explain it? Bands and DJs provide so much more than just music. An iPod can't handle a drunk uncle, a slow caterer, or reluctant dancers. An iPod can't self-correct sound problems, or change course if the music you chose isn't working. A better solution? Use GigMasters to find live entertainment that you can afford!

What are your best and worst ideas for saving money on your wedding?