Top Five First Dance Songs for the Dancing Challenged

Marta Block


There are probably at least 100 articles about and song lists for choosing your first dance. Actually, there are probably at least 100 on our site alone! But one thing that's frequently overlooked, that you actually have to be able to DANCE to the song. For some people, that's no problem, but for others (especially men), the idea of dancing, let alone dancing in front of a couple hundred of your closest friends and family, is terrifying.

Pre-wedding dance lessons are always a great idea. They can help give you confidence and security. But, they aren't in everyone's budget (or timeline). The truth is, most brides and grooms don't have a lot of time to get down at their own reception, so if it isn't your thing, don't sweat it. Instead, choose a slow, easy song for your first dance.

If you are "dancing-challenged", make sure you talk to your band leader or DJ about your "challenges." He or she can choose shorter or slower versions of your song, or offer some suggestions for how to make you feel more at ease.

In the meantime, here are suggestions for easy to dance to first dance songs:

1. At Last - Etta James (it's the top choice for the first dance for a reason)

2. Love Me Tender - Elvis Presley

3. Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers

4. Someone Like You - Van Morrison

5. From This Moment On - Shania Twain

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