Top Ten Lamest Wedding Songs of 2010

Marta BlockContributor

Don't worry, you won't need to know this to attend a wedding in 2011!

Nothing can clear out a dance floor faster than a bad play list. We recently surveyed brides and grooms, wedding bandswedding djs, and event planners and discovered these were the songs NO ONE wanted to hear in 2010!

10. Cha Cha Slide

9. Any hard rock or heavy metal

8. The Hokey Pokey

7. Country music

6. Line/group dances

5. Rap music

4. The Electric Slide

3. The Macarena


And the number one LEAST requested song of 2010 ...

1. The Chicken Dance (except of course by actual chickens who continue to request both it and Freebird)

Other formerly popular songs that you wanted to skip in 2010 included: Love Shack, Celebration, Who Let the Dogs Out, anything by Celine Dion and Brown Eyed Girl (which was also the 6th most requested song, go figure).

If we assume that songs wind up on the DON'T PLAY list because of over-exposure, 2010's MUST PLAY list probably holds some clues to what will wind up on 2011's DON'T PLAY. So, for 2011 look for The Cupid Shuffle, Lady Gaga and The Black Eyed Peas to all make graceful exits from your  reception.

Which wedding songs are you ready to retire?