Top Wedding Songs for Teachers

Marta BlockContributor

If you're a teacher who would like to add a little schoolhouse fun into your wedding day soundtrack, you've come to the right place. For all of those brids and grooms who are also our talented and dedicated teachers, we present the best and worst school inspired wedding songs.

Top 5 School Songs for Weddings

5. Be True to Your School - Beach Boys

4. A.B.C. - Jackson Five

3. Rock N' Roll High School - The Ramones

2. Wonderful World - Sam Cooke

1. Book of Love - Peter Gabriel

Top 5 LEAST Appropriate School Songs for Weddings

5. School Love - Anvil

4. Don't Stand So Close to Me - Police

3. One More Try - George Michael

2. Hot for Teacher - Van Halen

1. F*ck  School - The Replacements