Top Wedding Songs Inspired by Fashion Week

Marta BlockContributor

The wedding industry and the fashion industry are intimately connected, married you might even say. So to celebrate New York fashion week (Spring 2013) this week, we have five great songs for your wedding inspired by fashion. Of course, we also have five fashion related songs you should avoid.

Top 5 Fashion Inspired Songs for Your Wedding

5. Fashion - Lady Gaga

4. Change Clothes - Jay Z

3. Girls on Film - Duran Duran

2. Fashion - David Bowie

1. Vogue - Madonna


5 Fashion Inspired Songs to Avoid at Your Wedding

5. F**k Me Pumps - Amy Winehouse

4. I'm too Sexy - Right Said Fred

3. Labels or Love - Fergie

2. Diva - Beyonce

1.  Boots & Boys - Ke$ha