Tribute Bands: Covering the Classics

Drew StogaContributor

You might have a shot at booking the Rolling Stones for your event if you are Rupert Murdoch or Bill Gates, but the rest of us probably don’t have the budget to get Keith Richards out of bed.  The good news is that there are plenty of amazing tribute bands who can re-create a Stones set without forcing you to sell the yacht.

A great tribute band can transport an audience to a different time and place.  These dynamic groups are made up of skilled musicians who focus on the craft of the cover – recreating the iconic work of the classic artists that you love.

The Beatles might be the most covered band of all time and for good reason - they revolutionized music as we know it.  They also cycled through a number of iconic looks throughout their career – from the suits and mop-tops to the psychedelic Sgt. Pepper uniforms.  A great Beatles tribute band can capture the music AND the look.  For example, check out Cavern Beat from Chicago, IL who specializes in early Beatles.  Sgt. Peppers Beatles Tribute of Northridge, CA and Magical Mystery Tour of Los Angeles, CA can nail both the look and sound of the young Fab Four as well as the colorful, shaggy, later years.  All three of these bands are five star GigMasters performers, so you know that you are getting a band that is both entertaining and reliable.

GigMasters has tribute artists for everyone from Frank Sinatra to The Grateful Dead.  Check out The Division Bell a Pink Floyd Tribute from Beloit, OH who re-create the music and elaborate stage show of Pink Floyd.  If Southern Rock is your thing than you should have a look at Street Survivor, the rocking Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute Band from Wichita, KS.

Rest assured that all of these artists can light up the stage and transform your event from average to electric. Tribute bands are getting bigger than ever these days so have a look and see what you have been missing.  And enjoy the show!