Top Five Unusual Places to Get Married

Marta BlockContributor

Everyone knows that wedding venues can be expensive. It’s no wonder then that people have been trying to economize and get married in some less traditional venues. Here are five unusual places where people have gotten married, and our suggestions for wedding entertainment!

1. McDonald’s

Well, clearly you need a yellow and orange color palette.You might also consider hiring a clown as entertainment.

How about these songs for your playlist:

Patsy Cline - Hunger for Love

Jimmy Buffet - Cheeseburger in Paradise

2. Taco Bell

Lots of entertainment choices, strolling mariachi bandflamenco dancers

The playlist is a little more limited but how about:

Das Racist - Pizza Hut and Taco Bell

Weird Al Yankovich - Eat It


Green and white color scheme, lots of energetic guests and a pretty diverse playlist:

Landon Pigg- Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop

Faith No More – Caffeine

Squeeze - Black Coffee in Bed

Bob Dylan – One More Cup of Coffee

4. & 5. Walmart and Target

Obviously, the best part about getting married at Target or Walmart is that they have everything you need for a wedding right there. Music, craft supplies for decorations, food. Sooner or later, they’ll probably even sell wedding dresses!

Your Playlist

Clash- Lost in the Supermarket

Nanci Griffith - Love at the Five and Dime

Bruce Springsteen - Queen of the Supermarket

Smokey Robinson -Shop Around

Madonna - Material Girl

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