Venue Spotlight: The Wine Makers Boutique

Mary Ellen Skawinski


Think I Love Lucy with all the laughs and none of the disastrous grape stomping…That’s what you’ll find at The Wine Makers Boutique. Conveniently located offthe Metro North Railroad at the Stationhouse Square in Stratford, Connecticut,this unique venue offers fledglingwine drinkers and oenophiles alike the opportunity to create and bottle tailored to their personal tastes - all for a price that can't be beat or stomped. alt


Owner William Alletzhouser starts by taking every customer on a tour of the premises, where he explains the benefits of making wine from a kit: “Winemaking requires you to buy bunches of grapes in bulk. When you’re doing that, you’re getting those grapes as is. Twigs, dirt, any bacteria, that’s up to you take care of. And as for the equipment needed to clean, press, and filter the grapes, well, all of that can be very expensive… Here, we eliminate all of the guesswork.”


Guests are invited to partake in the unique experience of winemaking by first choosing from kits that contain sterilized and virtually sulfite-free grape concentrate, cultured yeast, and select additives. What you’re getting then is the winemaking experience— and tasty results— without having to make the long-term investment such an activity might otherwise require. With a variety of wine kits to choose from, including every type from a bold Cabernet to a fresh Gewürztraminer, you and your guests will have your hands full just deciding which one to make! But don’t worry, with his vast knowledge of the assorted wine types, the geographical origins of the different grapes at hand, and even the histories of the wines themselves, William is there to inform and aid in deciding which flavor might best suit your taste. Once you select your kit, William will show you how to blend the concentrate with a particular, cultured yeast in specialized vats. From there your wine will then be transferred into glass jars and moved to a ventilated, climate-controlled room, where the scientific side of the winemaking process begins. alt

Fret not, chemistry-phobes. William takes care of the formulaic, step-by-step process of the wine’s fermentation, which usually lasts somewhere between six to eight weeks. Once the wine has fully fermented, William will call and let you know it’s ready to be bottled. That’s when the fun really begins! Guests are invited to help bottle, cork, heatseal, and personalize each bottle of wine, with the help of all sorts of fun devices, customizable labels, and even a giant corking contraption! Of course, William has shared that some guests prefer to leave a few bottles uncorked so they can drink them on the spot. Who can blame them?


Want to pair your new wine with the right bites? Not a problem. William has seen party hosts bring along everything from cheese platters to multi-course Italian meals. The possibilities for your party are truly limitless. “In June we hosted a surprise bachelorette party. They rented out a party bus to take them to different vineyards across the state, and then they surprised the bride by ending up here, where they all got to bottle and drink the wine that one of the women had already come in and picked out.”

So whether you too are hosting a bachelorette party, looking to place a unique spin on the traditional bridal shower, offer donors an unmatchable gift at a fundraiser, or gather with friends to celebrate a birthday, The Wine Makers Boutique stands out as a venue ripe for good times.  Go ahead, try your hand at homemade winemaking— wine not?


  Book now and start bottling up some great memories at The Wine Makers Boutique!