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Im'a Let You Finish, But My VMA Party is the Best of All Time

Chelsea Pellegrino


If award shows were people, we’d want to be friends with the VMA’s. Why? Well, where the Oscars are elegant and the Country Music Awards are sassy, the Video Music Awards are frankly the life of the party. Between Gaga’s outfits, Pharrell’s hats and Kanye’s mic-stealing, truly anything can happen during this night – that’s what makes them so fun to watch!

So, we want you to round up your friends and throw a VMA viewing party. Here’s how...

Step the Game Up

Entertainment at any party is crucial - that's why we're supplying you with these awesome Video Music Award Bingo cards!


Download the full bingo cards here:

Simply download and print out the cards and pass out to guests. Assign each player to try and mark off either a line down, across, diagonal or an X based on what happens during the show!

If you really want to add a wow factor, hire a celebrity impersonator to make a guest appearance. Mariah might not have any noms this year, but she can sure win you the title of “Coolest Host Ever.”

(Tape)Deck the Halls

This year, we're predicting a retro pop/90s feel, especially with the return of artists like Eminem and continued success of stars like Beyonce. Follow suit when decorating for your viewing party - think neon colors, loud prints and boomboxes. Bonus: Ask guests to come decked in their best 90s attire, and award a prize for best dressed. (Check out nominee Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" video for some Clueless inspired outfit ideas.)

Tape deck light for centerpiece

These cassette lights make the perfect musical accent! Source: 

Nom Nom Nominees

Because these awards are more laid back, your menu can be, too. Keep in mind that they air around dinner time if you’re on the West Coast (6 PM) and a bit later if you’re on the East (9 PM), so use that to determine whether you should serve a full on meal or just tiny bites.

So, there you have it - the basic necessities for an award-winning VMA viewing party. For more inspiration, hop over to our VMA Party Pinterest board!