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Wedding Blogs, Their Ten Most Overused Words

Marta Block


I love wedding blogs! Really, I do.  But, when you read as many of them as I do you start to see some trends. I'm not talking about trends in colors or styles, I'm talking trends in writing.

Recently I've noticed a few words just keep popping up, over and over again. These words are occurring so often that they're starting to lose their meaning, leaving brides and grooms more than a little confused.

Here are my contenders for most overused words in bridal writing:

10. Inspiration/inspiring - This one can almost be forgiven, after all, the whole purpose of wedding blogs is to inspire brides and grooms. But Helen Keller is inspiring, a gorgeous hydrangea bouquet, not so much.

9. Palette - Just once I'd like to read about a real wedding which featured the color blue, not a blue color palette.

8. Unusual - If you can buy it at your local mall, it probably isn't that unusual.

7. Vintage

6. Chic

5. Swoon/swoon worthy - With all the swooning going on you'd think vintage bridal corsets were chic again!

4. To Die For - Best reserved for things like true love, not shoes!

3. D.I.Y. - I've actually seen a real wedding submitted by a wedding planner described as a D.I.Y. wedding. D.I.Y. is not a synonym for rustic, which actually is also a contender for the list.

2. Bespoke - This term was originally used to describe handmade men's shirts. Today it seems to apply to anything that is NOT D.I.Y.

1. Must-have - This one isn't just overused, it's wrong. Because when it comes to weddings, the only thing that's truly a "must-have" is love.

Which terms would you like to see retired from wedding writing?