Wedding Dance Lessons: Dancing with the Stars

Roni Shapira Ben-YosephContributor

Most couples headed down the aisle don’t have the advantage of a Dancing with the Stars-style crash course in ballroom, and the anticipation of the first dance can come with its fair share of dread.  A little ingenuity and planning can save a wallflower bride or a groom with two left feet from an embarrassing first dance. There is no need for expensive wedding dance lessons – instead try out these strategies for song selection and dance moves:

- Pick a favorite junior high or high school slow song and do the classic adolescent sway.  Childhood friends will get the nostalgic reference and be eager to join you on the dance floor.

- Get an instructional DVD or take a lesson.  You could learn to swing, dance the tango or do the foxtrot.  Make sure to choose a dance and a song that reflects your personalities.

- Get your wedding party involved for a flash mob first dance.  There are tons of great examples of wedding flash mobs on YouTube. Thriller, Single Ladies, I Gotta Feeling and Don’t Stop Believing are hugely popular, but anything goes with this one!  (The GigMasters team would like to encourage anything that involves disco moves, the formation of a soul train or reenacting the final scene of Dirty Dancing.)

No matter what, make sure that your DJ, bandleader or MC knows what you want.  When will you do your first dance?  How much attention would you like called to it?  At what point would you like them to invite your guests to join you on the floor?  Hammering out the details in advance will help to prevent first dance jitters.

Don’t forget to break in your wedding shoes before the big day, but most importantly, try not to take anything too seriously and have fun!