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Wedding Drinks and Dresses

Marta Block


At GigMasters we believe entertainment sets the tone for everything. We love to match things like wedding dresses to your entertainment ideas. But Natalie Tsang of Simply Bridal has a different idea. She matched wedding dresses to cocktails. You know what, it's not a bad idea. Tell us what you've got Natalie ...

Do you know what your favorite cocktail and wedding dress have in common? They both reflect you! We’ve picked three popular and classic cocktails and have matched them to wedding dresses. It’s just a coincidence that all begin with the same letter as “marriage.”

The Martini

This James Bond of cocktails, although some historians place its invention in San Francisco. It has been a hit since Prohibition in the 1920s. Traditionally, it's made with gin and vermouth, and garnished with an olive or a lemon twist and poured into a pre-chilled glass. Whether you take it shaken or stirred, you're sophisticated person with specific, though classic-leaning tastes.

Perhaps you're a bit into vintage, but you exude a timeless quality.  Your wedding dress is sleek without being showy, such as a slim-fitting sheath or a classic A-line gown. And the obvious wedding choice is black-tie. For our martini gown, we like this simple sheath silhouette with some tasteful crystal decoration on the sweetheart neckline.

The Mojito

short wedding dress and colorful mojito

This five ingredient highball hails from Cuba and was popularized by the American author, Ernest Hemmingway. Rum, lime juice, a sweetener, soda water, and mint are intertwined with the climate and culture of Havana.

Like your favorite drink, your equal parts sweet and tart, bubbly yet cool.  If the mojito is your go-to drink, your wedding dress will always be short and the skirt will be just wide enough so you can dance the night away to a Latin beat.

The Manhattan

elegant wedding dress and manhattan cocktail

This cocktail is made with whisky, sweet vermouth, and bitters, and often garnished with a Maraschino cherry. From its name you can tell its birth place is New York. It's served without ice in a cocktail glass. Made well, it's a drink with surprising nuance.

If you love Manhattans, you're classy with a hidden love for flair. Your friends may peg you as wearing a big, white wedding gown, but you may choose something a little sexier like a stunning mermaid gown or you may pick a traditional looking wedding gown in a different color. We like the Henrietta gown for its sexy and sophisticated silhouette and luxurious details on the skirt.

What do you think? If your wedding dress was a cocktail, what cocktail would it be? Let us know in the comments below.

Natalie Tsang is the editor of SimplyBridal's blog. She was born and raised in California and is a hopeless romantic. She dreams of a whimsical, rustic wedding.

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