Wedding Entertainment Idea: Silhouette Artist

Marta BlockContributor

When it comes to wedding entertainment brides and grooms are always looking not only for something new, but something that adds meaning to their wedding, not just dollars to their budget. A silhouette artist can be a great solution to this search. Silhouette artist, and GigMasters member, Cindi Rose recently sent us some great pictures of a wedding she recently worked.

At her recent wedding to Lincoln, California Mayor Paul Joiner, wedding book  writer Lisa Joiner (Today's Wise Bride) hired Cindi to provide silhouettes as gifts to her guests.

Cindi describes her role at a wedding in this way:

"First, I consult with the bride and groom as to how best work silhouettes with the overall theme of the wedding. There are several ideas including using silhouettes in wedding invitations, party favors, decorations, and even  tablecloths. At the reception, I do two silhouettes, one for each guest, often hung on ribbons, and one for the bride and groom guest book.

At the last wedding I did, I attended the ceremony as a guest (and helped some with decorations), roamed at first during the reception to get people interested, then, worked from a table, two chairs, and a waste basket. Since it was outdoors, and dark, there was a lamp close by. I do not use a shadow, or a light, so I prefer to work in a lighted area. Soon, there was a line! The wedding was small—about 80 people. So, I was able to hang the silhouettes on the ribbon, paste them into the bride and groom book, make sure it was signed, and mount each silhouette on lovely Crane’s stock to give to each guest. As the world’s fastest silhouette artist, I can do 300 people myself at a wedding, if they have an “assistant” to paste the silhouettes, and direct the traffic."

Cindi travels around the country and around the world!

What do you think of a silhouette artist as entertainment for your wedding? For more great wedding entertainment ideas visit our Wedding Resource Guide.

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