Wedding Entertainment, Involving the Parents

Marta BlockContributor

This is not your mother's wedding ... but sometimes it can be hard to convince her (or your father, or your mother-in-law) of that fact. Planning a wedding is a stressful event, not just for you, but for your parents as well. Luckily, wedding entertainment is one place your parents can feel like they're having a big impact, without reducing your ability to plan the wedding of your dreams, not theirs. Here are five ideas for helping them help you, without driving you crazy.

1. Father/Daughter & Mother/Son dances

It goes without saying that this is a place where your parents should have a say. You don't want to plan an elaborate dance with your father only to find out that his hip has been bothering him and he'd rather keep it short and sweet.  Or, like my dad that he's scared of people watching him dance and would rather slip it into the middle of the reception.

2. Review the press kits

One of the best things about GigMasters is that you can  Look through our amazing roster of wedding bands and DJs and come up with a list of great options, then send your short list out to the parents and let them actually hear and see your choices, from the privacy of their own computer. This is much less stressful than having your father quiz the caterer about how the beef is cooked, or watching your mother-in-law explain gardening to the florist.

3. Choosing songs for the playlist

You want a hip, modern feel for your wedding, but really would it hurt to let your mom choose a few of her favorite 1980s songs? You can draw the line at group dance numbers if you want, but letting your parents and in-laws see the band or DJ's song list and choose a few numbers is a great way to make them feel like they're contributing.

4. Surprise them with a tribute

Is your mom a big Elvis fan? Why not surprise her by having "Elvis" serenade her at the wedding or rehearsal dinner? A big gesture like this, showing that you love her and do listen to her can do a lot to erase wedding planning tensions. At GigMasters we have impersonators ranging from Barbra Streisand and Frank Sinatra to Sarah Palin and Howard Stern, so no matter what your parents' secret passion, we can help you pull off a great surprise appearance.

5. Let them review contracts

If one of your parents or in-laws is a lawyer, or just super detailed this is a great tactic for making them feel involved with almost any vendor. Explain that you want someone to look over all your contracts, just to make sure you aren't missing something big. This tactic can also work with "spreadsheets." I can keep my dad busy for days by telling him that I need a spreadsheet with guest names and RSVPs, or any other thing. Worst case scenario, they actually find a problem and save you time and money!