Wedding Entertainment That Will Shock Your Guests

Drew Stoga


When you help book as much wedding entertainment as we do, you start to pick up on some interesting trends. Still we were somewhat surprised when, in recent years, we began to see more and more non-musical entertainers — impersonators, comedians, and a variety of other performers — being hired to perform at wedding receptions.

Maybe this phenomenon is due to an economy that is shrinking the budgets of brides and grooms across the country, but we like to think that more couples are looking for a way to make their special day stand out. Everyone wants their guests to remember their wedding as truly unique and hiring an Elvis impersonator or Mind Reader as your wedding entertainment would certainly qualify as unique.

Of course one constant at nearly all weddings is the photographer. (Hopefully) every couple wants to remember their wedding so a good wedding photographer is essential, though many are even taking liberties on this aspect by renting a photo booth for their wedding. Photo booths are a ton of fun for weddings guests but it might be even more fun for the lucky couple who gets to scroll through the funny and possibly even scandalous pictures after the event.

Often couples are hiring these entertainers in addition to their wedding band or DJ. However, many GigMasters clients have avoided the entire band vs. dj debate and hired a comedian or dancer as the lone entertainer at their wedding.

In the last twelve months we have received over 400 requests for impersonators to perform at weddings. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of these requests are for Elvis — though Britney Spears, President Obama and Marilyn Monroe have all been requested as well.

Belly Dancers are also a popular request as are Hawaiian and Fire Dancers. And why not? You want your wedding entertainment to be just that — entertaining. So, don't be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes time to book wedding entertainment for your big day!

Main Image: Travis Allen Las Vegas, NV