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Wedding Fitness: Just Dance!

Marta Block


A while ago, we ran a blog post about dance as a great wedding fitness routine. It was so popular that we asked our writer to expand it into an article for our guide here. Studies show that dancing can burn over 260 calories per hour--a burn rate equivalent to a fast walk. If regularly practiced, dancing can lead to a slower heart rate, lower blood pressure and improved cholesterol levels, all signs of improved health and fitness. Dancing also is proven to lead to a sense of "well being" and confidence (no small thing when walking down an aisle in front of all your friends and family), and lastly, practice makes perfect so you'll be able to shake your bon-bon even better come wedding day. Here's a look at what each of the hottest dance-based fitness routines can do for your big day countdown:

Ball Room Dancing: harder than it looks and major core strengthener. Bonus: exercise can double as practice for your first dance together. Of course, you can use GigMasters to find ballroom dancers to wow your crowd.

Cardio Salsa: low-impact, high-intensity. Bonus: you can totally unveil your moves at the reception"¦or wait until the honeymoon. You can use GigMasters to find salsa dancers.

Vegas Jazz: think sexy and sleek while maintaing ultra-straight posture (ala an ostrich feather crown). Lots of high kicks with constantly engaged core.

Belly Dance: This ancient Middle Eastern dance is experiencing a total come back. Obviously the belly shake and hip wiggling can come in handy elsewhere. For a total theme, hire a few belly dancers to entertain guests while they chow down on Middle Eastern fare. If this all sounds a little too exotic, take a (dance) step back and start with the basics. Just like practicing your vows, or checking that honeymoon hotel reservation over"¦and over"¦, it never hurts to make sure you feel steady on your feet for the big day.

Gigmasters Wedding Dance Tip: Do this in the shoes you plan to wear! Both of you! Women are always dreading some kind of slip or stumble in their heels but men rarely give it a thought until after they fall. A quick scuffing outside for new loafers can make all the difference"¦especially on a rented, newly oiled dance floor! What if you can't drag your spouse-to-be to dance class? (I know mine wouldn't go!)

Here are few things to consider: Go with a friend or someone else you're going to be dancing with. Bridesmaids or groomsmen are perfect to ask because they almost have to say yes. If you're the bride, bring your father, or the groom, bring your mother. You'll be "on stage" with them as well and no harm in fulfilling your required dance card in style. Don't be afraid to try this stuff alone"”with a DVD"”or join a class with a lot of other people in the same boat as you. If you're willing to try on 14 different gowns with a fitting room attendant you don't know from Adam, why not shake your bon-bon with strangers, as well.

Last but not least, it's your big day and (hopefully) you only get one. Take the time to think about your wedding dances, past the song choice, and you'll create a special memory for you, and your guests.

Main Image: Angelheart Entertainment