Wedding Invitations with Entertainment

Marta BlockContributor

Everyone knows that wedding invitations set the tone for a wedding. That's why we love it when those invitations have an entertainment theme to them! For this week's WWW (worldwide wedding wrap up) we look at some great entertainment-tinged wedding invitations we've seen recently.

Two of my favorites come from Dessy's blog.

This Super Mario Brothers themed invite by Larry T. Quach goes all out.

mario brothers wedding invitation

A few weeks ago, Bridesmaids also found this amazing ViewMaster invitation.

wedding invitation using viewmaster

You can actually order your own on Etsy, although the prices may make you squint!

Looking for something thematic but less pricey? How about these gorgeous "ticket" invitations from Wiley Valentine as seen on Oh So Beautiful Paper.

rock and roll wedding invitations

Or these great Beatle's Themed invitations found on PoptasticBride.

wedding invitation with a Beatles theme

Which one is your favorite?