Wedding Planner Tips

Marta BlockContributor

I went to a lovely wedding during the day of New Year's Eve. It was strange, but nice to be sitting in a church in the middle of the day on a Monday. There was a quiet hum as friends and family greeted each other. Even the children attending seemed relaxed and peaceful, and there were a lot of children because the bride is a preschool teacher. There we were all, peaceful, thinking our own thoughts, ready to honor this couple. Then we heard it.

"OK girls, we're almost ready. Please line up."

Yep, the guests could hear everything the wedding coordinator said from the back of the church. It went on like this throughout the processional, "Parents of the bride you line up now, walk slowly, ok, now mother and father of the groom, your turn, ok flower girls, smile ..."

She wasn't yelling and she wasn't using a microphone, it's just that the acoustics of the church meant that from where she was standing, she could be heard. Obviously, it didn't ruin the wedding, but it did kind of ruin the moment. I'm also pretty sure it's not what the bride and groom would have wanted.

So what is the wedding tip here? Well, there are a few.

1. Don't skip the rehearsal. I know a lot of people think it's unnecessary, but it's the only way you'll catch small things like this that you never thought about.

2.  Ask about your wedding vendors' experience in your particular venue, or with your specific issues.

3. Don't worry about the small things. I know, it's contradictory but in the grand scheme of things, the fact that I could hear the wedding coordinator throughout the  processional isn't all that important. You can't think of everything and sometimes you have to let the little things go.

What small things have you seen couples overlook? Did they bother you?