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Wedding Planning Tip, Getting Inspired by Inspiration Boards

Marta Block


If you recently got engaged you may be hearing some unfamiliar terms like "plate charger" "nosegay" and strangest of all,  "inspiration board."

Inspiration boards are the grown-up Internet version of grade school collages! Basically, you take a bunch of different images of things you like or ideas you have and put them together to try and come up with some thoughts about your wedding.

At GigMasters, we naturally think all inspiration starts with music. So, when I was working on the one above I was listening to a little David Bowie, that made me think "glam-rock" which didn't seem like it could exist on its own as a wedding theme so I started looking around on the shopping site Polyvore for some other ideas. It's not that I think a bride will actually choose one of the dresses here for herself or her bridesmaids, but it gives a little inspiration.

If you're looking for a little wedding inspiration board inspiration, follow these simple steps.

1. Put on your favorite music, or browse our MP3 library of wedding song suggestions.

2. Pick a site: The Dessy Group (has a GREAT tool that lets you put in your wedding colors, choose images from their line, or use your own images to create a wedding-themed inspiration board. You can create as many as you want.


If you aren't quite ready to think weddings and wedding colors, use a site like Polyvore and randomly choose images of anything you like (that's what I did above). Polyvore is a little limiting because you can only use images of things they sell, but they have amazingly pretty things. Dessy lets you input your own images.


Use Google images and PowerPoint to combine any images you like (see our post yesterday on Jazz-age themed weddings for an example of this).

Save them in a file and revisit and revise as needed!