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Wedding Prelude Music - Classical

Marta Block


You've probably given some thought to what song you want playing when you walk down the aisle, and when you leave the wedding. You may have even thought about what music you want played during the ceremony for things like the unity candle. But, have you thought about the music that will play before your wedding? 

In some ways, thinking about this isn't quite as much fun. After all, you won't really hear the music. But it is important. Whether you're having a DJ, a string quartet or the church organ player, you should plan on having about 30 minutes of music before your wedding. This will help encourage your guests to come in and sit down and move into a wedding state of mind. It will also allow for a little wiggle room if you or your fiance(e) is running late. Remember that this music is setting the tone for your wedding. So, if you're having a more rock n' roll wedding, or something a little unusual, these suggestions may not be for you.


What sort of music do you envision playing as you walk down the aisle?