Are Your Wedding Songs Clichés? Do You Care?

Marta BlockContributor

A few weeks ago we conducted a survey on the most popular and least popular wedding songs of 2010. We asked brides, grooms, and wedding professionals to tell us everything from the first dance to the "do not play" list.

Naturally, some of the songs on the "do not play" list were also on the "must play" list. Even more songs on the "do not play" list were from previous year's "must play" list. That's how it goes, and most people don't get too worked up when they find out that others don't like the same music they do.

But, when it comes to "your song" the "first dance" song, emotions run a little higher! People get offended when they learn that "their song" is also a lot of other people's song, or worse, that other people think it's a stupid first song.

If you aren't in the wedding business you may be surprised to learn that Etta James' "At Last" is still the most requested first dance song. It's followed closely by "Can't Help Falling in Love with You."

But, when I took a less scientific poll on Facebook asking people for the most clichéd first dance song, "At Last" topped the list! It was quickly followed by "That Elvis song that UB40 covered," which I have to assume means "Can't Help Falling in Love with You." Equally popular on the cliché list? "Wonderful World" (which happens to be the most popular mother/son dance song). One friend offered "It Had to Be You," which got a little awkward when another reminded him that it had been her first dance song.

Finally, after reading through multiple comments citing "What a Wonderful World" as the most clichéd song for the first dance, my friend Debbie had a unique perspective. "Ours was "What a Wonderful World," totally cliché, but since it's played at almost every wedding, we always get to dance to our song!!"

So, what do you think? Is cliché just another word for "popular song that I don't like"? Is there a way to avoid cliché songs? Do you care if your song choices are clichés? Should you be trying to be original, or is it ok to like the same things as other people?

By the way, you can heck out some amazing performances of At Last, Can't Help Falling in Love with You, It Had to Be You and Wonderful World in our wedding song library.