Wedding Tip from the Pros: Handling an Emergency

Marta Block


One of the best wedding tips anyone can give you is to expect the unexpected. No matter how carefully you plan, emergencies happen. That's one of the great things about hiring professionals, they've seen it all and are ready to step in and solve a problem. Check out this true story from one of our fabulous magicians:

Magician Cherie Kay (Houston,TX) tells the story:

I was doing strolling magic for a wedding reception at a private rented hall where the bartender, the caterer, and the dj were all late. There had been a bad traffic accident.

I ran out to my car brought in my little music system for my show and played some music from the guests ipods! The guests had a ball trying to come up with the BEST worst song for the bride and groom.

Once the caterer and bartender arrived they were welcomed and cheered and everything when smoothly. When the DJ arrived people started booing (in a lighthearted fun way). They wanted to keep competing to pick the best "bad" wedding song.

The DJ was a professional, and even though it wasn't in his plan, he was smart enough to keep the contest going after he set up.  I went back to doing "regular" strolling magic.

The bride and groom tipped me WELL and thanked me for coming up with an idea to save their party. For me it was a pleasure and the easy right thing to do.

We say, way to go Cheri and just another reason professional entertainers are your best bet! Do you have a story of a party saved by quick thinking? Share it in our comments section.