Wedding Tip, Surviving the Father-Daughter Dance

Marta BlockContributor

With Father's Day this weekend, a lot of brides are thinking about the other important guy in their life, their dads. The Father/Daughter dance is supposed to be bittersweet and beautiful, but, here's a secret, a lot of dads don't really like to dance. So, how can you and your dad survive the big dance with feet and egos intact? Here are some tips.

1. Pick a short, easy song

Talk to your band leader or DJ about finding a song to which your dad can dance. It might be something more of your dad's era, or just something short and sweet. Don't worry if the words don't perfectly sum up your relationship, as long as you're both comfortable.

2. Keep it low key

There's no rule that the father/daughter dance has to come at the beginning of the evening when everyone is watching. If you or your dad is nervous, tuck the dance away somewhere when it won't get quite as much attention. Just make sure to let your photographer know when the dance will be.

3.  Talk to your dad

Here's a question, what if your dad doesn't even know you're expecting him to do a father/daughter dance? It may seem obvious to you, but lots of dads are oblivious about the ins and outs of a wedding, if you haven't talked to your dad about the dance, he might not be expecting it. Make sure to discuss the idea with your dad and get his thoughts.

What are you and your dad doing for your first dance, or what great ideas have you seen others do?