Wedding Tips from the Pros, Choosing a Venue

Marta Block


Who knows more about choosing a wedding venue than wedding entertainers? That's why this week we asked some of our favorite wedding entertainers to share their top tips for choosing wedding venues with you.

Singer Alyssa Staron (Philadelphia):

Make sure that older venues have adequate air conditioning (for summer weddings) and adequate power for your entertainment.

Guitarist Matthew J Cutillo (Amityville, NY):

Look at the floor, walls, and base moldings. Those will tell you how clean or not clean a venue is.

Tony of Sojurn Rocks (Humboldt, Illinois):

Quality venues should have up-to-date electrical service available AT the stage to avoid unsightly cords. Generally 80-100 amps of exclusive electrical service is sufficient.

Greg of Secret Service (Rockport, Massachusetts):

Flexibility! Sometimes venues are so rigid that they set themselves up for conflict with brides, bands, entertainers and caterers.

Haprist Margaret Sneddon (Tarrytown, NY):

First and foremost, look for a place that calls to you. Then work on the details.

Oh, and almost all of our entertainers stressed the importance of making sure you have adequate shading and a backup plan for outdoor weddings. It seems that more than a few of our entertainers have spent weddings squinting at their music, and trying to protect their equipment from torrential downpours!