Wedding Tips from the Pros, Timing Your Ceremony Music

Marta BlockContributor

On TV, wedding ceremonies always seem so short and to the point, but when you start planning your own ceremony figuring out a timeline can be confusing. We asked some of our favorite wedding pros to share their top tips for scheduling your ceremony music.

Matthew Cutillo, Solo Guitarist (Amityville, New York):

Couples often say they only need half an hour of seating music and that the ceremony will only last 45 minutes, but this rarely happens. Older family members come up to an hour early, while other family members are late. Consider hiring someone to start playing an hour and a half before the ceremony.

Gregory of Secret Service (Rockport, MA):

After over 20 years in the business the biggest mistake I've seen is the assumption by couples that the wedding will flow in some precise, pre-ordained manner. Have a well-thought out plan, but prepare for some flexibility and variation.

Annalisa Ewald, Classical Guitarist (Westport, CT):

Make sure to provide cues for the musician. Don't try to have too many songs for the ceremony itself. Have all the music you want, but keep it to the prelude and post-recessional, everyone will be happier.

Dave of Groove Nation Orchestra (Denver, CO):

Don't over-think the number of songs needed for the ceremony. Stopping and starting songs affects the flow of the event.

And, as always, our wedding pros want to remind you that if you're having an outdoor wedding, HAVE A BACKUP PLAN!