Wedding Trend: A Normcore Wedding

Marta BlockContributor

Have you heard of normcore? Normcore is a style and fashion trend about being, well ... normal. Normcore is about spending less time trying to stand out and more time doing what matters to you.

So, what is a "normcore wedding"? Well, for the past several years wedding trends have been all about individualization and standing out. It's caused a lot of couples a lot of stress as they desperately try to figure out how to make their wedding "different." A normcore wedding focuses less on reinventing the wheel and more on what's important - the couple and their guests. This doesn't mean a normcore wedding is boring, far from it. Because you're not so busy figuring out how to stand out, you can focus instead on one or two critical and sparkling elements that are important to you. Instead of a whole circus, you bring in one or two elements.

Do you love disco? No need to create a 1970s themed Save the Date, no need to ask your guests to show up in their favorite bell bottoms. Instead, you hire an awesome wedding DJ who can spin the music you love. Love the outdoors? Creating a whole outdoor fantasy land was so 2014. Instead, work with a talented florist to bring one or two elements of nature in to your centerpieces. Remember all the crazy wedding photos of years past? No need, just hire a talented wedding photographer and take photos on site!

Want to wear a traditional white wedding dress and have your bridesmaids in matching dresses? DO IT! Spend the time you would have spent looking for the right bridal shade of blush and a different dress for each girl thinking about how to give your guests a great time! No need to replace wedding cake with wedding pies and cookies, if you like cake, hire a great baker and get a great cake!

We illustrated the idea of a normcore wedding with a gorgeous Miami wedding. As you can see, everything is normal, nothing is boring!

Photographer:  84 West Studios//Event Venue: The Rusty Pelican//

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