Wedding Trends, It's OK to Love Them

Marta Block


When you read as many wedding blogs as I do you start to see a lot of the same wedding trends. When you spend as much time in the social media world of weddings as I do, you see another trend, hating on the trends. When you spend your day looking at pictures of Mason jars and cupcakes, it's hard not to hate them just a little, tiny bit. Every once in a while, we bloggers let that hatred show.

Last year I wrote a post about the Ten Most Overused words in wedding blogs and earlier this year I wrote about wedding debates that should be solved by now. Almost every blog and magazine has their opinion about which wedding trends should be retired. Almost every blogger and wedding planner has her opinion about which trends they're tired of seeing.

pink ombre wedding dress

But guess what, we're not getting married. Also, unless they work in the wedding business, your guests are not attending and viewing photos from as many weddings as we are. So while I may tell you that wooden signs are cliché, that doesn't mean that your guests have ever actually been to a wedding with a wooden sign. If you want that wooden sign, you should have it. Trends become popular for a reason, because a lot of people like them. If you like something and it works for your wedding, you should do it.

wooden sign with to the wedding on it

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