Ask the Experts: Fall Wedding Colors

Marta BlockContributor

Question: What are the best wedding colors for a fall wedding?

A: Certain colors just seem to indicate certain seasons. Usually when we think Fall we think jewel colors, rich greens, purples, reds and browns. But just because you're having a fall wedding doesn't mean you have to pick any particular color scheme. I always recommend that instead of picking colors and then trying to match everything to that color, couples start with the florist. Ask a florist for pictures of available flowers around your wedding date. Choose colors that match available flowers and you'll save money on your flowers, and have a seasonally appropriate palette.

If you have a color you just love and want to include in your wedding you can either choose a seasonal shade of it or use it as an accent color. Of course, don't forget to browse Pinterest when looking for color palette ideas. You can search by color or season. Here's our Fall Wedding board for inspiration. You can also see examples of Fall weddings on our wedding blog.