From Good to Great: What Makes a Successful Event?

Drew StogaContributor

At GigMasters our goal is to make sure that every event we book is a success.  ‘Good enough’ just isn’t good enough for us.  We want your event to be great.  From a small birthday party to a wedding or corporate gala – we are all about great events of every kind.

But how do you define a great event and what goes into ensuring that things go smoothly? To find out we will be taking it to the streets and asking both our clients and performers for their insider perspective on successful events. We spoke with George Loreto, guitar player and vocalist for Undercover, a five star Top 40 Band from Costa Mesa, CA.  Undercover won a GigMasters Rising Star Award in 2009 so George knows a thing or two about great events.

Here is what George had to say regarding what a performer can do to ensure that an event is a true success: “A successful event requires you to have a fine tuned machine.  Everyone in your organization (note I say organization) has to do their part.  You need to know what the time line is, the load in situation, power locations, size of audience, what your clients expectations are, etc.  Knowing all the details and arriving prepared is the first step in putting on a successful event.  General rule of thumb for professionals is: Early is on time and on time is late! There are obstacles at every event, your ability to call ahead, give yourself extra time and solve these problems without your client ever knowing is just as important as a great performance.  You can never be too prepared for an event but you can look panicked on stage if you don’t know the time line and you start a song when the clients are ready for their first dance.  Keep the stress off the stage, be prepared and hire people you trust!” successful events and undercover

Stay tuned for more tips on what both performers and clients can do to make sure that their event is a smashing success (tip: find a party ideas from The Bash!).  Check out Undercover and feel free to tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.