What makes a Successful Event? Part II

Drew StogaContributor

Part II of our on-going series (Read Part I here) where we ask performers for their insider perspective of how you can plan and host a successful event.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, five-star GigMasters member Ted Hefko's New Orleans Band is a group of skilled (and busy) jazz musicians led by long-time New Orleans resident turned New Yorker Ted Hefko.   When they aren’t gigging around the clubs, restaurants and bars of Manhattan and Brooklyn, they can be found playing GigMasters events throughout the tri-state area and beyond.

As a perpetually booked and long-time GigMasters member, Ted and his band have played just about every kind of gig there is - so we figured he would have a thing or two to say about the question at hand - What makes an event successful?  Here is what Ted had to say: “At the most basic level a truly successful event is one where the audience is engaged and enthusiastic. From our perspective, we hope the music plays an important part in the evening not just for the hosts of the party but for the other guests as well.” Ted went on to state his belief that one of the keys to a successful event is as simple as the physical layout of your event space: “When we haven’t been able to achieve a connection with the audience there is usually a fairly mundane contributing factor: There is some physical separation or barrier between the band and the party.” 

He continues, “Much of the evening is (often) centered around dining, especially if you opt for a multi-course meal, so guests need to be able to head to the dance floor between courses without missing the salad.” “As for music selection, keep in mind your hosting a party. The musical tastes of your guests are important, so keep in mind their age and background as well as your own. Make sure to add a few extroverted friends to the list, it’ll make the event more fun for everyone.”  By “extroverted friends” I am guessing he means people who aren’t afraid of a little dancing. “The information age has given clients the ability to find a band that really fits their musical tastes rather than relying on a catch-all wedding band. Sites like GigMasters enable musicians to work on the styles of music they truly enjoy and find clients who share their interests.”  Well put Ted.

So in summary: pick a performer that plays the music you and your guests enjoy and give them the time and space they need to do their job – which is making sure everyone has a good time and maybe even shows off a few steps on the dance floor. You can also find fun party ideas from The Bash!

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