What Makes a Successful Event? Part IV

Drew StogaContributor

In order to help you pull of the perfect party, we continue our series ‘What Makes A Successful Event?’ where we get insider event perspective from some of GigMasters’ best performers. This time we spoke with Nolan Ericsson, a five star guitarist based in New York, NY.  Nolan is an accomplished musician who specializes in both classical and jazz guitar.  He has studied at some of the best music schools in the country including the Berklee College of Music and the Juilliard School.  When not touring the U.S., Europe or South America, Nolan can be found playing GigMasters parties, weddings and special events.  

Check out our brief but informative interview with Nolan below:

GM: What can a client do for their entertainer and what does an entertainer need from them to make sure they can give a great performance?

NOLAN: Get in touch early and correspond frequently... this makes everyone familiar, comfortable, and confident.  I like to know a client's ideas and thoughts about exactly what they want for their event. It's very helpful to know what mood they want to create, favorite styles of music and/or specific requests the client wants so I can put together a program that fits their vision. For example, when a client has specific song request(s), the sooner I know about them the better. When I have more time to get familiar with new music and work on the arrangements, the results are always better. Early communication allows me time to prepare and send recordings to clients who require special arrangements of their requests (especially music that is not typically for solo guitar). That way they know how I am interpreting the music and I can ensure their satisfaction.

GM: In your own words what do you think a client can do to ensure that their event is a hit?

NOLAN: Musically speaking, choose the best musician available. Someone you feel comfortable with, whose music you not only love but whose music will meet your needs. You should have complete confidence in this person, that they will be punctual and can handle your event and venue with ease. Spending a little more on the right musician often goes a long way. Make sure the performer knows what you want musically. If you have specific song requests or styles you like, let the performer know as soon as possible. Think about where the performer will be located during your event and what they will need onstage. Consider things such as space requirements, electrical outlets, acoustics, seating, the size of the audience - that they all have a quality experience with the sound. Clients that go over details and are prepared early always have more successful events!

Successful events - Nolan Ericsson

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