Ask the Experts: When to Hire Wedding Entertainment

Marta BlockContributor

Question: When do I hire the entertainment for my wedding?

A: Ideally, you'll begin researching your wedding entertainment options nine months to a year or more before your wedding. It's not that you need to choose someone at that point, but you want to start getting an idea of costs and possibilities. Most people hire their wedding entertainment four to nine months before the wedding.

If one of the performers you're interested in is very popular and busy you'll want to get on their schedule as soon as possible. There are some things you'll want to make sure you've done BEFORE you hire the entertainment:

Set a budget - Do not hire anyone to do anything until you have a realistic view of your wedding budget.

Have a definite date - Your entertainment cannot commit to anything without an exact time and date.

Book your venue - Different venues may have different requirements for your entertainment in terms of technical or space needs.

Talk to your minister/rabbi - If you're having a religious ceremony you will need to clear any ceremony music with the officiant. If you're having a civil ceremony, or hiring your own officiant this is not as important.

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Posted on 1/10/2019