Whimsical Wedding Inspiration

Marta BlockContributor

A lot of the news about the royal wedding has been oh so serious. Things like royal etiquette and protocol, worries about what rules the couple is or isn't breaking. It made me sort of happy to hear that the Windsor Legoland was goofing off a little and had created a lego version of Windsor Castle in honor of the wedding (see below).

It also made me think about how stressed out even the non-royal couple gets trying to live up to everyone's expectations about their wedding day. A little whimsy can not only look great at your wedding, it can send a nice signal that while the decision to get married is serious. the day is supposed to be fun.

I'm not suggesting you turn your wedding day into a three-ring circus, but how about adding a little whimsy to your décor, invitations, or yes, your entertainment. Variety entertainers such as dancers, clowns, or magicians as well as fun things like a photo booth can all add fun to your wedding day, without making it a carnival. We even heard about one couple that hired a bouncy house for their wedding!

What do you think, will you be adding any whimsical touches to your wedding day?

lego version of windsor palace