Winter Wedding Emergency Plan

Roni Shapira Ben-Yoseph


We love a good winter wedding but this winter's various snowpocalypses got us thinking that it would be a good time to share some winter wedding survival tips.

Venue - A rustic barn may be a dreamy wedding venue, butif the plows won’t touch those country roads for days after a storm then think twice.  If you have many out oftown guests then consider a venue close to your hotel block, or look into a hotel as your venue.  Snowed-inguests = slumber party madness!

Vendor Contracts - We hate to even go there, but it’s important to consider what might happen if your photographer can’t dig out his car or the exotic flowers you wanted are grounded by a storm.  Talk through possibilities with every vendor and make sure that your contracts address these scenarios.

Transportation - Renting a classic car sounds like a fabulous idea for added vintage flair, but what about slick roads?  If you are renting a ride for your wedding day go for something that handles well in wintry conditions.

Travel - When all is said and done, you only need three people to have a wedding: the happy couple and an officiant.  That said, it can be heartbreaking when loved ones get stranded in transit. If you can’t bear the thought of walking down the aisle with certain people present then make sure that they schedule their travel with plenty of cushion and suggest that they book a flexible ticket.  In case of an impending storm they can always catch an earlier flight.

Photography - Look at your list of must-have shots and consider alternatives. I got married in June and had planned a lot of outdoor shots, but when a downpour threatened to frizz my hair I said forget it.  Fortunately we were married in a beautiful art deco venue and our photographer got plenty of beautiful shots indoors.  Hire great talent who can think on their feet!

Honeymoon - Purchase travel insurance and hope that youdon’t need to use it.

Check out the Weather Channel’s Wedding Planner for more weatherconsiderations.  We wish you a warmand dry wedding.  Good luck!