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You Too Can Have U2

Marissa Latshaw


I was 7 years old in 1980 when U2 came to the U.S. for its first concert tour. To that I say, holy staying power! Listening to the new No Line on the Horizon album, I get the atmosphere of Achtung Baby and the melodies of All that You Can’t Leave Behind—for me, a pretty sweet combination. Of course, there are those eye-rolling moments when Bono must celebrate his larger-than-life status with lines like, “I was born to sing for you.” (Magnificent track). But, all in all, it’s a great album, like getting a new pair of your favorite jeans because you wore holes in the old ones. Familiar and new at the same time…

Horizon sold 484,000 copies in its first week, catapulting it to number 1 on Billboard’s album chart. And, their 360-degree tour is already sold out in the U.S. Of course, there are those critics who can’t resist expressing surprise at the “low” sales number, comparing it to Atomic Bomb album’s first week sales of 840,000. To that I say, “Really?” (a la Weekend Update’s Seth & Amy – boy, do I miss Amy)

For those of us who won’t get to see them this time around, I say, dust off your Joshua Tree and dig up a cassette player. And, if you’re having a party this year, make sure it’s on a bloody Sunday, and bring in a U2 tribute band. Since U2 has had a best selling album in each of the past 3 decades, your party will undoubtedly be fun for guests of just about any age. It is sure to be a Beautiful Day…okay, now you can roll your eyes at me.