Your Wedding vs. The Final Four, How to Cope

Marta BlockContributor

Virginia Commonwealth's Cinderella-story trip to the Final Four has us thinking. No matter how hard you try to avoid bad wedding dates, sometimes there's nothing you can do.

So, what can you do if your wedding date conflicts with a big game? The wedding pros all agree, don't try and ignore it, or try and make your guests ignore it. You'll just wind up with guests glued to their phones.

Here are some better ideas:

• Let your band leader or DJ know that you'd like him or her to make periodic announcements about the score. He or she should do the first one as soon as possible after the reception starts so that people get the idea that they won't be left wondering about the score.

• To really bring the message home, change your entrance song to the team's fight song.

• If your venue has a separate bar or seating area, consider letting them turn on the TV. This may sound annoying, but it's less annoying than having guests run out to the bar across the street. This way, if the bartender or venue host is control of the TV he can turn it off when you want him to do so. The one caveat to this, you are absolutely allowed to tell your fiancé(e), parents or future in-laws that going to the bar to watch TV is NOT an option for them.

What other ideas do you have for reconciling the big game and your big day?