The Cup Bearer Sommelier from Stamford, CT


$1000 - $10000 per event
Bespoke classic cocktails and beautiful hand-made bars with the best staff at your home or business.

The Cupbearer is the premier, luxury cocktail catering service in North America. When It comes to onsite luxury, there is no one better at taking your gathering and making it a decadent destination. Our vision, in its purest form, is to create the pinnacle cocktail experience. Not unlike setting the stage for a play, the equipment we bring is integral in creating the perfect setting. Our set is made of copper, wood, leather, and crystal; the result is something classic yet cutting-edge, decadent yet unaffected. Crafting each ingredient from scratch - the syrups, the sodas, the ice, the juices - we take every step to ensure not only are your cocktails tailored and tasty but also stunning in their presentation. With our fully portable custom bars and tools, we bring a luxury cocktail setting to the intimacy of your home or venue of your choice. Every space and vision for an event is different. It is our mission to create experiences that are unique and exclusive to each gathering.

Our dedicated team of career mixologists can handle parties of any size. Our custom-built bars can be assembled in multiple configurations ensuring a beautiful space inside any home or venue. Hailing from across New England and the tri-state area, our team has worked everything from luxury hotels to worldclass restaurants. We provide instructional cocktail demonstrations and spirit tastings. Your guests are able to practice making the cocktails in proper form and try their hand at creating their own signature recipes all with the guidance of trained professionals. The centerpiece of each party is our portable, custom-built bars. Made from a combination of wood, bronze, and xorel fabric, we mold and sculpt these beautiful pieces to fit your home. Due to their customizable nature we offer setups of 6, 12 and 18 feet. Available as both a standard or u-shaped setup.

The Cup Bearers
Our bartenders aren't just bartenders. They are career mixologists, all of whom have dedicated their lives to cocktail creation. They do not tend bar on occasion or as side jobs. They practice their craft daily as they have for years. Most of our staff is comprised of competition bartenders with numerous awards and accolades who hold position at some of NYC's most famous cocktail spots. In addition to their extensive technical qualifications, they have been selected as Cup Bearers for their charm and panache. Don't think of these men and women as bartenders, but instead as knowledgeable guides to help you along a journey of elegance and decadence.

At the heart of each of our cocktails is our signature crystal clear ice. Chipped and carved in front of you, we mold each piece to every cocktail's specific glass. If it's large cubes for whiskey, delicate pieces for shaking, or anything in between.

A cocktail is not worth creating if your ingredients are not up to standard. The ice may be our heart, but the ingredients are our life force. We hand source everything, ensuring each ingredient has been tasted and tested before coming close to a glass. From there it is a labor of love, creating syrups, mixes, and tinctures in small batches. It takes time, but the result is a mix of flavors your mind will be reminiscing about for years.

We would not be mixology fanatics if we weren't obsessed with barware. We take a particular pride in our tools and equipment, bringing with us a variety of rare and beautiful accoutrements. Our bars are comprised of unique pieces carefully selected from our partner vendors, or handcrafted ourselves.

General Service- Includes:

*3 specialty cocktails and
100% handcrafted
*TCB cocktail napkins
*Crystal clear ice cubes
*Premium mixers, tonics,
and bitters for cocktails
* A variety of premium
fresh garnishes
Framed cocktail signage
*Pre-event tasting
*100% fresh squeezed
juices, plus cocktail
modifiers such as
cranberry juice, simple
syrup & bitters for classic
Manhattans and Daquiries.
*Sparkling waters, soft
drinks and tonics for
* Custom built mobile bars

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Bar Mitzvahs
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Bachelorette Parties
Bat Mitzvahs
Bridal Showers
Bachelor Parties
Halloween Parties
Birthday Parties (Adult)
First Communions
Luau Parties
Wedding Ceremonies
Wedding Receptions
Engagement Parties
Family Reunions
Rehearsal Dinners
Christmas Parties
Please note The Cup Bearer will also travel to Old Greenwich, Riverside, Cos Cob, Greenwich, Darien, Norwalk, Port Chester, Rye, New Canaan, Purchase, White Plains, Armonk, Bayville, Harrison, Bedford, Mill Neck, Pound Ridge, Locust Valley, Mamaroneck, Valhalla.
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