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  • Wedding Minister from East Moline, IL
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54 Reviews for Wayne Hill Sr.

Review by Stacey S.

WeddingReviewed on June 25, 2022From Bethalto, IL

Wayne Hill Sr.:

Thank you so much!

Review by Anne W.

Wedding CeremonyReviewed on May 28, 2022From Maple Park, IL

He was 2 hours late. Late to our property. Last person to arrive at our wedding ceremony. I called him to see if he got lost. Thank goodness he finally came. Oh and he continually mispronounced our last name. He would not correct himself after several prompts. We also had to go for another set of marriage liscence paperwork as the originals disapeared.

Review by Adriana M.

Wedding CeremonyReviewed on May 21, 2022From Toulon, IL

Everything was perfect! Definately recommended him!

Wayne Hill Sr.:

Adriane and Adam are a most Gracious and fun couple! Their families were also fun people to work with as well! I'll work with for any occasion they request! May GOD/JESUS watch over and Bless you both for all your lives! Rev. Wayne

Review by Justin D.

Wedding CeremonyReviewed on December 22, 2021From Port Huron, MI

we were so thankful to find wayne on such short notice one month before the big day we were very thankful he drove all the way to our wedding in port huron an he came all the way from illinois he was a great guy and plan on having him return in august to renew our vows. we jus wanna say thank you wayne for coming out an bracing the cold with us to get us married thank you

Wayne Hill Sr.:

Justin and Kristina were very easy to work with and a pleasure to serve as their Heavenly Bureaucrat to "Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and Unto GOD give what is GOD's." Plus, they allowed me to have my longest single trip for a Wedding to date, and the Coldest Venue to date! I love a challenge and GOD kept us all just short of cartoon level frostbite! A Marine never allows a little thing like Mother Nature defeat his MISSION FROM GOD! See you guys in the Summer!

Review by Ryan H.

Wedding CeremonyReviewed on October 2, 2021From Milwaukee, WI

Wayne did a great job at our wedding! He was friendly and very personable. Thank you Wayne! -Ryan H.

Wayne Hill Sr.:

Beautiful Couple, sure to be married for LIFE! Great Day and felt great all the way back to ILLINOIS! My PRIVILEGE to have been your GOD/JESUS sent Bureaucrat! We gave unto Caesar, that which is Caesar's (Marriage License and Ceremony) and unto GOD that which is GOD's two loving people's vows of life long Love and saying a Covenant with GOD/JESUS in the Holy Rite of Marriage! May GOD Bless you both and your9 Marriage for all the decades you are together! Rev. Wayne

Review by Jennifer S.

Wedding CeremonyReviewed on August 21, 2021From Wisconsin Dells, WI

From start to ceremony he was wonderful to work with. He offered smart suggestions and personalization options. His sense of humor and devotion to God were the perfect combination and made our day stress free and beautiful.

Wayne Hill Sr.:

Couldn't pray for nicer people or a more loving couple! They made my day, with their congeniality and love for each other! Plus we were out in the NORTHERN WOODS, where Deer and the BEARS play!!! Talk about getting back to Nature! I pray GOD/JESUS Blesses them for All their days on this Plane!

Review by Kim R.

Wedding CeremonyReviewed on July 24, 2021From Wheatfield, IN

Rev Wayne did a great job at our recent wedding! He was very prompt and professional! Our family enjoyed his stories. Overall, he is a very friendly man and we would recommend him highly!

Wayne Hill Sr.:

An absolutely great couple, adorable Blind and Deaf little dog that can still KNOW WHO will scratch his FAVORITE SPOT! The cat was regal and clearly knew I was STAFF! His STAFF! GREAT family! Couldn't have been a better day of GOD'S "Business" for his earthly bureaucrat! (me) THANK YOU!

Review by Jeff S.

Wedding CeremonyReviewed on July 10, 2021From Kewanee, IL

Great communicator/Great Person! Will do everything possible to make your event memorable. Highly recommended!!

Wayne Hill Sr.:

An absolutely GRACIOUS and considerate family and Gentleman to work with and for! May GOD/JESUS Bless their family for all their days!

Review by Aimee I.

WeddingReviewed on July 17, 2021From Kewanee, IL

Wayne Hill Sr.:

Congratulations on the birth of your son! He is very handsome. Thanks for your review, May GOD/JESUS Bless you and your entire family!

Review by Zach O.

Wedding CeremonyReviewed on May 30, 2021From Davenport, IA

He made sure it went the way we wanted it too, threw in jokes when he had a chance too, did a very good job, and definitely would recommend him to anyone getting married soon

Wayne Hill Sr.:

Mr and Mrs. Ortega are a wonderful couple and have a solid foundation in their respective families! One of the best, smoothest flowing Weddings I've ever had, especially in an uncontrolled public park venue! This new family with last for the ages, I am positive! Thank you again for choosing me as your GOD's earthly Bureaucrat to "Give unto Ceasar that which is Ceasar's (legal rules and paperwork) and unto GOD, that which is GOD's (Reverent Joining Rite of Marriage)!

Review by Yezre'el A.

Private PartyReviewed on March 10, 2021From Waynesville, MO

This was a great wedding! He did everything that he needed to do and even brought a nice gift for me and my wife! Thank you so much MR Hill! :)

Review by Nicole W.

WeddingReviewed on January 16, 2021From Round Lake, IL

I couldn’t imagine it going better. He was so easy to work with, accommodating, friendly and professional.

Wayne Hill Sr.:

Nicole, Shelby and family were all easy to work with and great peoples! Even their dog was immediately friendly, playful and had a GREAT personality! They had fun and I had a BALL too! May JESUS Bless this whole family for all their days!

Review by Michelle G.

Wedding CeremonyReviewed on October 30, 2020From Geneva, IL

We all had a blast and did it on the fly!! (Thanks 2020!). He was a ton of fun. Big hugs for Rev Wayne.

Wayne Hill Sr.:

John and Michelle and their Children were an absolutely charming and unique couple/family! Pre-Ceremony preparations were interesting and easy (at least for me ;) ) and the Ceremony in the corner of the outdoor Dining area of the Posh Restaurant With waitstaff observers was interesting! I am certain GOD & JESUS brought you all together and will place HIS BLESSINGS on you all for the rest of your lives! I AM PRIVILEGED that oyu chose me to perform yoru Wedding! Thank you!

Review by Mayra M.

WeddingReviewed on September 7, 2019From Muscoda, WI

We’re so happy we had Wayne be part of our ceremony! We hired him about 3-2 weeks prior and he was very flexible and understanding with some humor that we loved! We enjoyed how he allowed us to tailor our ceremony script. On the day of the wedding he arrived hours before the ceremony which we liked and he also stayed after for the reception and was fun to be around! We also enjoyed having something in common which was having a military background. We truly enjoyed his company and highly recommend him to be part of anyone’s wedding!

Wayne Hill Sr.:

One the best Couples I have been privileged to perform their Wedding Ceremony for! Outstanding families! Great Venue. In Essence, a great day out in the country with good friends.

Review by Eryn R.

WeddingReviewed on August 30, 2019From Mazomanie, WI

Reverened Wayne was absolutely amazing! Not only did he make my husband and I feel special, even our family was impressed by him and the experience. We were so thrilled to have him share in our special day that was filled laughter and happy tears. Thank you, Reverend. A million times thank you. You have helped make this a day we will never forget.

Wayne Hill Sr.:

Being JESUS' Middleman in bringing Calvin and Eryn together in GOD's eyes was a fantastic day! They are both so happy and hopeful it makes everyone's hearts smile! Calvin's father being a Brother MARINE just made the day that much more interesting! Everyone was so gracious and cordial that I can say without reservation any other "service" persons would be privileged to be retained by them for any occasion! May GOD/JESUS Bless their lives with nothing but Joy and Happiness! Thank you again for allowing me to be your humble Minister! Rev. Wayne

Review by Michael M.

Wedding CeremonyReviewed on November 3, 2018From Warrenton, MO

Our service was extraordinary. We stuck to the script and Rev Wayne did a great job leading it. Everything was as expected and he interacted with the families easily and got along with the critters. He was a pleasure! Thanks!

Wayne Hill Sr.:

It was a distinct pleasure visiting with and performing Michael and Kelly's Wedding! They are great people and have a wonderful family! Both dogs greeted me in a friendly and fun manner! His brothers have just as interesting "when I was X age I did THIS and got this scar!" as I related back from my past! Had a great time!

Review by Tonya K.

WeddingReviewed on October 27, 2018From Mendota, IL

Reverend Wayne Hill was just what we were looking for! We had a small wedding at our house and he made the experience easy and personalized. The group enjoyed his presence and socialization. He is comical and has very interesting stories! He will make your experience as formal or laid back as you prefer! Highly recommend him!

Wayne Hill Sr.:

Wonderful Couple, great kids and one of the father's owns/rides a Goldwing! What more could you ask for in a couple's Wedding? True I rode in, in an Explorer instead of my 1100 V-Star, but I hate getting bugs on my suit! Adam and Tonya will enjoy a long and strong Marriage, I am sure! THANK YOU for selecting me as your Middle Man to join you as one before GOD and JESUS!

Review by Abbie L.

Wedding CeremonyReviewed on June 24, 2018From Sterling, IL

Pleasant personality. We enjoyed him officiating our ceremony.

Wayne Hill Sr.:

A great and gracious couple! Easy to work with and a pleasure to perform their Wedding for. Won't be another Marriage, but if they contact anyone else for entertainment, etc. feel secure in dealing with them!

Review by Kara W.

WeddingReviewed on April 28, 2018From Monroe Center, IL

Very friendly and during ceremony he had to change the wine ceremony because it wasn’t set up the way we wanted but he changed the wording so smoothly none of the guests noticed! I do wish I would have gone over more on how to say our names with him.

Wayne Hill Sr.:

Aaron and Kara were a most gracious couple. We should have gone over how they wanted the wine bottles processed by the attendants etc.. I am sure they will have an interesting and joyous life together. Thank you for allowing me to perform your Ceremony! Rev. Wayne

Review by Patricia R.

Wedding CeremonyReviewed on April 4, 2018From Erie, IL

Wayne Hill Sr.:

One of my most pleasant and gracious couples! May GOD Bless them for all the Decades they are together!

Review by Carolyn R.

WeddingReviewed on February 16, 2018From Fort Madison, IA

Wayne Hill Sr.:

Thank you for selecting me to be your Minister on your important day! May GOD and Jesus continue to Bless you both.

Review by Jeremy H.

Wedding CeremonyReviewed on October 20, 2017From Des Plaines, IL

Great service and professional feel. Thank you for accommodating us to make for a great day. Highly recommended.

Wayne Hill Sr.:

You are a Wonderful Couple and it was an Interesting blend of cultures and people! Thank you so much for allowing me to be your middle man between you and JESUS', Blessing of your Marriage and Families!

Review by Derek & Angie M.

Wedding CeremonyReviewed on September 30, 2017From Savoy, IL

Rev. Wayne Hill was great all throughout the process of me and my wife preparing for our wedding! His communication is outstanding! His professionalism is again outstanding! Me and my wife truly thank Rev. Wayne Hill for his service!

Wayne Hill Sr.:

Derek and Angela were another great couple to work with and to perform their Vows for them! They brought out the best in my services. I know that GOD and JESUS send me the couples that he wants me to perform the "middle man" functions of HIS Blessings for! I am sure Derek and Angela will walk through their lives under JESUS' watchful Protection! Thanks Again Derek and Angela for allowing me to be your Minister for yoru Important Ceremony! Rev. Wayne

Review by Amber C.

Wedding CeremonyReviewed on September 1, 2017From Itasca, IL

He was able to put everyone at ease and make us laugh even though jets were flying overhead and there were other small mishaps. He was wonderful and so sweet! Would recommend! Amber and John Kokel 2 September 2017

Wayne Hill Sr.:

Amber and John, between the multiple accents, nationalities PLUS the neighboring major Airports descent flight path being DIRECTLY overhead and the beddy bye time Butterflies "released" at late evening, which ended up mostly on my hands and me (LOVED that), this was my NUMBER ONE most interesting adn entertaining Wedding! You and John and your families were all interesting people of immense good character and Qualities! It was my Honor to be selected by you two and my Blessing from my Lord and SAVIOR JESUS, that he decided to guide you and I to meet each others!

Review by Kelli A.

WeddingReviewed on May 24, 2017From Eddyville, KY

Rev. Wayne was very patient with me and my now husband throughout the whole process from the very first message to the end. He's extremely kind, helpful, professional, and understanding. I definitely recommend him!

Wayne Hill Sr.:

I believe JESUS and GOD will watch over and Bless Kelli and Brandon's marriage and lives for the rest of their lives. Despite the location of the Wedding, it was a good day and and interesting trip! May you both prosper and enjoy your life together with JESUS. Rev. Wayne