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TJ Gilroy Educational Speaker from Pinehurst, NC


$1000 - $10000 per event
TJ Gilroy is the author of Employ Your GIFT: The Secret to Living Your Purpose and The Joe Purpose Master Key: 7 Steps to Making a Difference by Finding Your Purpose

His speaking centers around his mission to inform people that they have a Special GIFT--the one, singular, talent they possess that can be developed into greatness. Employing that GIFT is one's purpose, and operating in it is what makes a difference.

TJ's speaking topics include:
Your unique Personality
How to Employ Your GIFT
The Joe Purpose Master Key - 7 steps to making a difference
How you are wired to think about Money - we're not all the same
Finding your desire – the starting point of all achievement
Living with Passion
Resolving generational differences in the work place
Cyber Age Leadership
Why followers follow
The Father Fracture – how fatherlessness is at the root of many of America's problems

Cyber Age Leadership
As of 2016, with the advent of fully functional Virtual Reality technology, we have entered into the Cyber Age with all of its new challenges.
We are no longer in the INDUSTRIAL AGE, even though that's where most leadership theory comes from this age.
We are no longer in the INFORMATION AGE, although many industrial age leaders haven't even caught up to the Information Age.
To meet the new challenges, you need Cyber Age Leadership.

Learn how to become a Cyber Age Leader by developing these four attributes:
1. Know Self
Your Identity and your Gift
2. Know those whom you lead
Their Identities and Gifts
Place them in best positions based on their gifts
3. Vision – believe in and be able to communicate a vision
Vision – the direction an organization is going and the expected outcome of heading that way.
A leader without vision (own or someone else's) is a manager. This is not derogatory.
4. Inspires others to follow the vision
Gives clear direction to followers
Leads by example
Exhorts and encourages followers to be their best
Cyber Age Leadership Training also includes:
Group based interactive exercises
Generational issues
Why followers follow

Faith-Based training
If you belong to a Faith-Based organization my speaking and training is for you. Whether you are interested in;
Discovering who you really are,
Discovering your GIFT,
Finding your Purpose,
Training your leadership team, or
Learning about the Father Fracture
You will find that our training is all scripturally based.

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Please note TJ Gilroy will also travel to Aberdeen, Southern Pines, Ether, West End, Norman, Harris, Carthage, Hoffman, Jackson Springs, Vass, Eagle Springs, Pinebluff, Cameron, Coleridge, Glendon, Asheboro, Fort Bragg, Lakeview, Candor, Ellerbe.
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