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  • Can I pay a deposit and/or balance on The Bash website?

    Yes, absolutely! If you and your vendor agree that you'll be paying online, login to your Control Panel* to get started. If you haven't already completed a booking, click the red "book now" button next to the vendor you selected and follow all the payment instructions. If the vendor is already booked and a payment is due, click the green "pay now" button and follow the instructions.

    Click here if you don't remember your username or password.

  • Can I pay a deposit and/or balance to The Bash over the phone?

    While we do make paying deposits and balances very easy, for your security and protection, we do not accept payments over the phone. If you’d like to make a payment, you can contact our Account Services Team and they will direct you to a payment page so that you can complete your transaction. You can reach our Account Services Team at 866-342-9794 or email 

  • Does The Bash provide contracts?

    The Bash does provide optional contracts for you and your hired vendor. If you are interested, please ask your vendor to generate a contract on your behalf.

    *At this time, contracts are unavailable for our transportation vendors.

  • How do I book the vendor on The Bash?

    Booking a vendor on The Bash couldn't be easier. Login to your Control Panel and you'll see your upcoming events at the top of the page. There will be a big red "book now" button next to each vendor that provided you a quote. Click the "book now" button for the vendor you would like to book and follow the instructions on the following page. Click here if you don't remember your username or password.

  • I'm ready to hire a vendor. What do I do?

    The first thing we recommend you do is to email or telephone the vendor you want to hire. Make sure they are available for your event on the specified day and time. Also make sure that you've both agreed upon a price!

  • The vendor has asked me for a non-refundable deposit? Should I pay it?

    Deposits, whether refundable or non-refundable, are standard procedure for securing live entertainment and services. As long as you have a signed contract which clearly states the terms and conditions of your agreement, it is OK to pay a deposit to the vendor.

  • What is the guarantee?

    Every event booked through The Bash is covered by Our Guarantee. It's our way of letting you know that your event will be handled with care. The three components of the Our Guarantee are Vendor Assurance, Booking Protection, and Hands-On Support.

    Vendor Assurance

    With verified client reviews, ratings, and background check options, our system ensures vendors are held to the highest standard of professionalism.

    Payment Security

    Payments made through The Bash are secure and reinforced by our 100% money-back promise. Whether it's a deposit or the full booking balance, you'll never lose a payment made on The Bash.

    Customer Support

    Need help finding the perfect vendor for your event? In search of a last-minute replacement? Our dedicated Account Specialists are just an email or phone call away!

    To learn more, please visit:

Need Inspiration?

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