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  • Can I request a background check for a certain vendor?

    The Bash vendors are not required to complete background checks, so we do not permit clients to request them.    

  • How are the entertainers and vendors ratings determined?

    The Bash rating is calculated based on authentic client reviews alone. After each event, the client receives a survey with questions about their experience with the The Bash vendor that they booked. The post-event survey contains questions about professionalism, talent, and overall satisfaction. The answers to the survey questions are tallied and then averaged with previous feedback to calculate the actual star rating that appears on the vendor's Profile.

  • How can I view the complete background check for a vendor?

    We do not share complete background checks with anyone. We can only tell you if a vendor has passed a background check from Sterling BackCheck.

  • I'm on one of your vendor's profiles, how do I get back to my search results?

    Click the hyperlinked line "Return to My Search" located on the top left corner of the Profile page.

  • I'm unable to listen to audio or watch video, why?

    Our media files may not be compatible with your web browser, or you may need to update your web browser. We recommend using the most up to date version of either Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

  • When a vendor fails a background check, are they removed from The Bash site?

    If a vendor fails a background check, steps would be taken by The Bash to investigate the issue, and take any action necessary.  

  • When a vendor has a "Background Verified" badge on their profile, what does that mean?

    If a vendor on The Bash has a “Background Verified badge on their profile, it means that they have passed a comprehensive background check conducted by Sterling BackCheck. This background check includes a social security trace to verify identity, criminal background check which includes a county criminal search that goes back 7 years, and Department of Justice nationwide registered sex offender check.  

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